GWL JAFZA - South Zone 1

This is GWL Headquarters; where our office is located and team currently works from.

Located in the South Zone; this facility covers an area of approx. 21,000 sq mtrs and was constructed in 2008.

This facility offers:

7000 sq mtrs of Closed Warehouse Space which offers services for cargo that requires;

  • Racking (Palletized Cargo)
  • Bulk (Non-Palletized, odd sized Cargo)


The facility also offers a unique 3-Tier Shelving System; with the ability to offer a 3PL Solution for Spare Parts and Consumables for various industries.

Open Yard:

The Warehouse facility is adjoined by approx 11,000 sq mtrs of Open Yard Storage Area.

The Open Yard offers Customers the opportunity to combine the use of Closed and Open Areas to store and use our services in the best possible manner.

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